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And you were hoping the next post wouldn’t mention bodily fluids. May 13, 2011

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Look what I found while innocently shopping for conditioner:

Apparently this stuff has been around for a while, but this was the first I’d heard of it. Naturally I had to check out the ingredients, and it does, in fact, contain actual animal placenta. Gag. I’m all for earthy, hippie concoctions (ask my old roommate about the summer I traded in my shampoo for a baking soda and vinegar regimen that left my hair…pungent. And none too silky.) But this I just don’t know about. I’ve witnessed the birthing of kids (goat, not human) and it ain’t pretty.

At least it’s only 98 cents; I mean, if you’re going to get in the habit of rubbing afterbirth all over your scalp you might as well stick with a brand that’s easy on the wallet.