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Going to the polls March 19, 2010

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Last week this dear puppy showed up on my family’s doorstep:

(Awww!!) He has one brown eye and one blue eye and is currently teething so he likes to maul my arm. But what’s a little blood and a few hundred scratches when you have an adorable baby boy to clean up after cuddle with? Besides inflicting pain with his new fangs he enjoys belly flopping off the couch, dragging around dead birds outside, and turning a cold shoulder to the pricier chew toys provided by his owners to spend hours with his favorite plaything, Mr. Plastic Bottle Cap. The puppy still doesn’t have a name, though, and that’s where you and the handy poll feature come in.


Things you cannot do with a bad head cold. March 3, 2010

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1. Speak Chinese with the right tones.

2. Be understood over the phone, even when speaking in plain English.

3. Taste.

4. Smell.

5. Breathe.

6. Sing. Not that I could do that before I got sick.

However, my intention wasn’t for this post to be a downer, so I’ll count my blessings and be glad I don’t have a flesh-eating bacteria invading my body. And that I can still drink out of my favorite giraffe mug.