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My Life is Awkward. January 28, 2010

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A few nights ago I was walking down my stairs with a bowl of granola in hand. (We all know this can’t go anywhere good, don’t we?). 

You should know that I have a history of tumbling down stairs, especially my own (insert painful-to-watch AFV montage here). 

So I fell and slid all the way down and the bowl of granola spilled all over the coatrack, shoe basket, carpet, and front door. I sat at the foot of the stairs on the verge of weeping and wailing and gnashing my teeth (it hadn’t been the best day even prior to this) when that idiom about crying over spilled milk came to mind and then I wondered- does that proverb pertain to rice milk too? 

I cleaned up the best I could but that stuff was everywhere. Feeling that I owed my roommates an explanation as to why they might find soggy oaty clumps in their sneakers, I left them a note with a nifty little illustration, which I was going to take a picture of and post right here: 


However, it was thrown away before I got the chance. So, naturally, I dug through the revolting mess of coffee grounds, milk cartons, etc etc in our kitchen rubbish bin to retrieve it. Because I care THAT much for all of you. Alas, I got my forearms goopy for nothing because I couldn’t find it. So I recreated the original using good ol’ Paint:  


3 Responses to “My Life is Awkward.”

  1. Amy Beth Says:

    Your stairs are a recipe for disaster.

  2. SarahRuth Says:

    It was me! I threw it away… was on the fridge for over a week; and although it was a brilliant masterpiece (think Van Gogh), a week is the limit.

  3. quineta Says:

    the jacket is so sheek! i love the perfect little red arrow too

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