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The Nanny Diaries. January 18, 2010

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So I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me till now, but on top of “Nanny Annie” and “Annie Nanny” I have a third option for my new title: I can go the whole Maria-from-The Sound of Music-route and call myself a governess. Impressive, is it not? But perhaps this term only applies to nannies who live with the families they nanny for? I don’t know. Must wiki that one. I could also have them call me “Frauline.” Or something completely new and creative, like “Teacup” or “Cheesecake.”

Anyway, tomorrow will be my first day picking the young ‘uns up from school. I’m so stinkin excited. After going over some things with their mother on Friday, I marched straight to the used media store and bought myself a little secret weapon: The High School Musical soundtrack.

Wow. Never thought I’d type those words on this blog.

Lucky for me (or perhaps unlucky…), the cashier threw in a Hannah Montana CD–FOR FREE! I went ahead and put it in my CD player so when I pick up the kids from school  they’ll be all “Cheesecake, what is this?” and I’ll be all, “Duh, girls. It’s Hannah Montana.” And they’ll be like “But Cheesecake, we thought you would listen to boring grown-up music.” And I’ll be like “Hello! Do I look like a boring grown-up to you?” and then they’ll go “Nooo…” because I’ll be wearing my new, pink and white, child-sized, lensless barbie cat eye sunglasses. (My, what a lot of modifiers there were in that sentence!)

So long, poppets; I’m off to coolify my car. Or at least vacuum a bit and make room for The Booster Seat.


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