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Coming Soon to a Blog Near You! January 13, 2010

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It is with great effervescence that I present to you “The Astonishing Adventures of Annie Nanny”. Or Nanny Annie. I can’t decide. Anyway, I have a new job (don’t worry, my days of being service-desk-worker-girl are far from over; simply limited to the weekends.) Yes, it seems AtotheM has entered a new era, and is sure to be brimming with stories before long (because, according to my calculations, me + two young children + a 500-acre cattle farm = too much fun).

I think I’ll have a Mary Poppins-Super Nanny-Nanny McPhee marathon this weekend so I can A.) Get some tips from the pros and B.) Brush up on my fake British accent. Because everyone loves a charming English nanny.


One Response to “Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!”

  1. Amy Beth Says:

    I am SO glad it worked out! You’ll have to tell me all about it. They’re cute girls. 🙂

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