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Everyone loves a good list November 30, 2009

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Things I accomplished over Thanksgiving break:

1. Made a music video to this song with the siblings. (Actually, we’re not done yet. Perhaps we can wrap it up over Christmas.)

2. Watched a touching show about cheetahs on one of our now SEVEN channels. Quite an improvement over the 3.5 stations we used to have. (Good news: I can now indulge in a little Telemundo next time I go home.)

3. Visited my grandpa (and Jerry, the resident rabbit) at the assisted living center.

4. Ate a little turkey, etc. etc.

5. Worked from 4:45 AM to 2:15 PM on Black Friday. Survived.

6. Worked 9 hours the next day. Survived. Barely.

7. Realized I had forgotten to check in on a friends’ kitties during the several days she was out of town.

8.  BOOKED IT to her house, praying frantically the entire way that I would not find two dead cats with empty food bowls.

9. Apologized PROFUSELY to said friend, and tried to smooth things over with Marty the kitten and his pregnant mother, who were both very much alive.


Things I did NOT accomplish over T.B.:

1. A lick of homework.

2. A smidge of shopping, Christmas or other.


You don’t want to read this. November 12, 2009

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I am so wound up from work. It’s amazing how hyper one gets after hours of sweater-folding. Here, read this list I just made.

1. I’m listening to a song that talks about eating cheese on toast.

2. Tomorrow (today) is Thursday, which means I will have to bathe.

3. My neighbors make me so jealous because they have a PORCH and SCREEN DOOR.

4. My neighbors are super cool hippy people, or at least that’s what I imagine. There seems to be approximately 24 people living in their house. It’s probably some type of cult that revolves around porch-sitting till 3 am and collecting furniture from dumpsters.

5. Tomorrow (today) I will be giving a presentation on the worldview in “V for Vendetta.” I should probably get on it.

6. But not yet.

7. Because now I’m listening to a song about mouthwash and flossing. (It’s called “Mouthwash” by Kate Nash. And the earlier song is called “Merry Merry Happy.”)

8. Currently, I am grounded. From eating chocolate. Per my own orders.

9. And now I’m going to bed.