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Just call me stubborn. October 7, 2009

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There’s a little feature on WordPress that amuses me to no end because it lets me see what phrases people typed into search engines that led them to my site. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

“ana was the most subborn thing alive” (Heck yes she was.)

“hemorroids card game” (uh…)

“pizza hut you tube oh no you din t” (oh yes, I did.)

“cashier unidentified” (yup, my Batman mask comes in handy at work.)

“yippy skippy quilt pattern” (psychedellic.)

AND my personal favorite:

“sweet 50 and 60 year old female hot penpals worldwide” (WHAT???!)


This has all just been one big test… October 4, 2009

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to see who REALLY faithfully reads this blog, even after MONTHS of no posting. So, thank you. I’m still alive.

Now, for the real reason behind this post: I have a dirty little secret I’ve been dying to share with somebody, but the right opportunity just hadn’t come up.

Until now.  So here it is. Don’t tell anyone. It’s super gross. And involves slime. See the way I just built up the suspense? Good. Ahem. The other day I found a big, fat slug in my dishwasher. Think about that for a second. And please tell me how it might have got in there. Ick.

If I hadn’t been panicking and texting my sister in all caps to communicate the urgency of the situation (KATIE THERE IS A SLUG IN MY DISHWASHER. WHAT DO I DO????!!!) I would have snapped a picture for you. He was quite hefty. And obviously I can’t ever eat off of my dishes or use silverware again, even after sterilizing them numerous times, so it’s goodbye cereal and soup, hello…solid things you can eat with your hands off a paper towel.

Good thing I know how to make a mean chocolate poptart.