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A few more activities to keep me from blogging. May 27, 2009

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Behold, my list of summer goals:

1. Find a child selling lemonade and purchase $10 worth.

2. NOT have a farmer’s tan.

3. Learn how to geocache.

4. Employing my knowledge from #3, find some really cool treasure.

5. Build a massive sand castle in the volleyball pit.

6. Be a good penpal.

7. Write my congressman. (Just to say hello).

8. Order drinks at Starbucks using the names “Betty-Sue,” “Laverne,” and “Quinetta.”

9. Convince someone that I’m Canadian.

10. Buy one of those jars of pigs’ feet they have in the international food aisle at Walmart. Give it to somebody special.

11. Get super muddy at least once.

12. Go on a date with somebody named Gustav. (This one could be tricky. Gustavs seem to be few and far between in these parts).

13. Aquire some play doh, sidewalk chalk, and bubble wands. Make good use of them.

14. Bake muffins for my neighbors.

15. Go Christmas carolling.