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Oh, unidentified place of work. Looks like I’ll squeeze another silly post out of you yet. March 1, 2009

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Well, dear readers, it was another long Saturday at the store that I work at but try not to mention by name on the world wide web because I’d like to remain employed there for as long as possible. Pizza Hut girl was injured, so who was the obvious candidate for a substitute? Why, service desk worker girl, of course! Dun da da dun! Never mind that she’s not actually trained in that field; the second she slips on that grungy apron and grease-stained baseball cap, she becomes the epitome of hotness.  

I tell you, you have yet to experience true boredom if you’ve never been stuck behind the Pizza Hut counter for two hours with no one to talk to but the breadsticks, which, I just learned, are supposed to go in the toaster upside down to prevent that very tooth-chipping quality mine always obtain. I also learned to check to make sure there is, in fact, marinara sauce in the marinara sauce vat before selling three breadstick combos. Oopsies! My b.

The best part of being the clueless Pizza-Hut fill-in? You don’t need training to wash dishes! Except you sort of do because there’s this special solution and the dishes have to soak in each of the three sinks of various temperatures of water for various amounts of time, blah blah blah. Oh, look, here comes our Starbucks buddy to get some soapy water of his own. But what’s this? A lecture on wearing three-quarter pants? You did not just make fun of my work duds. Am I going to have to go all Bon-Qui-Qui on you? 

Fast forward to mid afternoon. Let’s look in on our service desk worker girl-turned pizza hut girl- turned cashier. (My, what stylish capris she’s wearing!) A customer lays his soon-to-be purchases on the counter. She can’t help but laugh as she bags three big bottles of hot sauce…and four boxes of our Pepto-Bismol knock-off. There you go sir. No, you have an excellent day. Oh, the things people buy/say/do.


2 Responses to “Oh, unidentified place of work. Looks like I’ll squeeze another silly post out of you yet.”

  1. Caleb Says:

    This post/this whole blog/ makes me laugh, a lot. It always brightens my day, and brings a since of joy. Thank you :o)

  2. […] Or Nanny Annie. I can’t decide. Anyway, I have a new job (don’t worry, my days of being service-desk-worker-girl are far from over; simply limited to the weekends.) Yes, it seems AtotheM has entered a new era, and […]

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