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Does anyone else feel grossly misled by Ebert and Roeper? February 17, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Anna @ 2:25 am

Forget Blockbuster; your public library is seriously the place to find quality entertainment. More specifically, the non-fiction DVD section of your public library. I mean, come on.”Virtual Soccer Skills”? “The Guns of Smith and Wesson”? “End Spyware Forever”? These are just a few of the titles I found while perusing the documentaries after realizing that someone with impeccable taste had beat me to it and checked out “Adventures of Scamper the Penguin.” But move over, Scamper, cause I think I’ve found some new faves. Who wouldn’t want to borrow “The Joy of Stress” or “Eggs 101” for their next sleepover? Or “Bonejuvenate”? Or “A Woman’s Guide to Firearms”? Or-hello– “Potty Whispering”?

Put me on the waiting list for that one.


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