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Happy Holidays and all that jazz January 11, 2009

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Let’s have a moment of honesty here: never have I been so glad that the Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/New Years/Deepavali/Advent/Epiphany/Fill in the Blank season is over. Before you go calling me names that rhyme with “Groodge,” go back and take another look at this post, or perhaps this one, or this. Remember where I work? Exactly.

However, while I wish I could say the same about the four weeks preceding, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were lovely. And while presents definitely aren’t everything, I thought I’d let you know a few items I received:

The Marshmallow Shooter- not a drink, but a weapon from Rachael Roomie’s dad to RR, roomie #2 and me. Thank you, Mr. D. You might find it hard to believe, but being hit with a mini marshmallow in the face causes a sharp stinging sensation. I’m looking forward to discovering what kind of sensation skittles, peanuts, and bits of gravel cause during tonight’s 2 a.m. ambush that I’ve been plotting. Mwah ha ha. Jk, people, jk.

The Buddha Box- I was speechless when I unwrapped this ornate and unexpected gift. Thank you, Mama Bean. I was even more speechless when I read the words “The world will see your glory!” written in black sharpie directly above Buddha’s head. Um, let’s get together for lunch this week and have a deep theological discussion, MB. I look forward an enlightening explanation about your beliefs on nirvana and karma, especially regarding their relation to our old pal Jesus?

Moving along.

The Smoothie Maker Which I Will Be Using This Blessed Morning To Create A Fruity, Yogurty 12 oz. Masterpiece- here’s looking at you, Shelley-boo. Sorry about the lame-ish piggy calendar I got you….