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My so-called “job” December 13, 2008

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I had to tear myself away from my “work” to update all of you. (Basically, I’ve earned $14 the past two hours for eating a breakfast burrito. What can I say. I have some mad skills.) I’m a student worker at every graduation here at school, which pretty much amounts to three days of dressing up and eating free food. ‘Tis a great sacrifice, but you know me. I make it willingly.

Anyway, on an unrelated topic, I have a confession. I have not yet started my Christmas shopping. I have been living in total denial that the holiday even exists. I’ve even wished once or twice that I was Jewish so I could happily be spinning my little dreidl and not have to venture into the insanity downtown. But don’t worry. Procrastinating and then whipping something up at the last minute is my forte.

How else do you think I survive finals week every semester?


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