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A victory of epic proportions December 11, 2008

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If I could have your attention for a moment: I crocheted something…and actually finished it. It’s a hat. I’m thinking of calling her Myrtle. She’s a vision of purple with the cutest little pom-pom on top. *Sniff* I have never been so proud. BUT that’s not all. Because last night I learned how to knit (!) Can you believe it? Snaps for Anna.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. No, I have not taken up basket weaving or soapmaking. I passed Earth and Space Science! Yes, I’m just that good. Not only can I skillfully manipulate yarn with nothing more than a stick and turn it into a masterpiece, I can also tell you all you ever wanted to know about igneous and metamorphic rocks, tectonic plate movement, and refractor telescopes. But not for long because the facts are quickly evaporating from my brain and tomorrow I toss out my notes. Actually, what I’d like to do is to douse them in kerosene, take a torch to them, and dance around like a banshee yelling “Die, die, die!” But alas, we are fresh out of kersosene.


2 Responses to “A victory of epic proportions”

  1. Your other other mommy Says:

    Oh, you make me so proud, too. To pass Earth and Space Science is one thing, but to crochet and actually finish a hat! Good on ya!

  2. Well, you may have passed it but do you have a neon-colored volcano to show for yourself?

    I didn’t think so. 😉

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