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Just another manic saturday (not for those with weak stomachs) December 7, 2008

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Some words to describe last night at work…

little. kid. threw. up. all. over. in. front. of. the. service. desk. it. took. forever. to. clean. up. and. was. a. group. effort.  I. almost. gagged. myself*. a. horde. of. teenagers. kept. messing. around. with. the. wheelchairs. and. were. talking. about. shoplifting. silly. hooligans. a. lady. tried. to. return. a. guitarhero. with. half. the. parts. missing. five. people. called. in. sick. didn’t. leave. till. 12:30. a.m.

BUT that’s okay, because tonight is our 80’s party. And Tuesday night is gangster knitting. There’s little that some blue eyeshadow and yarn won’t fix.

*At least it wasn’t like the last time I cleaned up vomit, when I could actually tell what the person had eaten. It appeared that the little girl had breakfasted on fruity pebbles and bacon. Did you need to know that? Probably not.


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