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The perfect game to not buy your kids for Christmas… October 15, 2008

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A few evenings ago I played a thrilling board game called “Revelations” with some friends, SR and Pookie. The game was $3 at a discount warehouse, so we weren’t expecting much to begin with. The object of the game is to get to heaven by having a Jesus card at the end of the game. Upon reaching heaven you get a card with a golden crown on it. Once you get a Jesus card, you have to hold on tight to it because if you land on a space like “liar” or “fornication“ or “murder” and you don’t have a repent card, you lose Jesus. And if you land on one of those spaces and don’t have a repent OR a Jesus card, you have to go to longsuffering and miss two turns.

A major flaw in the game is the fact that sometimes you are faced with a difficult choice: move forward four spaces and land on Envy, or slip back two but land on Meekness? Of course you would be tempted to move forward rather than get further behind your opponents, especially if you have a repent card to spare.

An even bigger flaw in the game is that while it is designed for up to four players, there are only TWO golden crowns. Therefore, only two people can go to heaven. Guess who kept landing on the Witchcraft space and ultimately wound up in Hell whilst Pookie and SR, safe behind the pearly gates, looked on and laughed callously? Sure makes one reevaluate one’s friendships. And breathe a sigh of relief that eternity isn’t really so iffy.


4 Responses to “The perfect game to not buy your kids for Christmas…”

  1. Lauren Says:

    That is absolutely hilarious!!!! And that game sounds really fun! 😀 I love little games like that… that makes me even more weird… 🙂

  2. Lauren Says:

    Oh…I was not saying that you are weird! sorry! I didn’t realize that I said that! I was really trying to say that whenever there is a game like that, I will immediately jump and play the game!!!

  3. dg Says:

    you are thinking…u are on to something.

  4. Shashank Says:

    oh Anna.. you so ghetto… xD

    I am pretty sure you will end up in heaven when the time comes…

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