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It is I. Me. Myself. July 17, 2008

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Questions that have been running through my head of late:

1. Have you ever played the game “Guess Who?” Why, pray tell, is the ratio of men to women so out of proportion? There are 19 men and only 5 women!! Oh, the injustice.

2. Why is it that Americans say “pasta” with a short ‘a’ (pahh-sta) and Brits say it with a long ‘a’, (paa-sta), when for most words it is we who pronounce things with a long ‘a’ and they use the short ‘a’?

3. Why do so many people dislike Taco Bell? I don’t get it. True, I have heard rumors that the TB here in town has had food poisoning scares before, but I’m not the kind of girl who lets a little salmonella keep her from a supreme burrito. Botulism Shmotulism.

4. Why do so many people turn on their air-conditioning really really cold and then use thick comforters–in summertime?

5. When bees make honey, do they poop in it?

Just some things I’ve been wondering.


2 Responses to “It is I. Me. Myself.”

  1. Shashank "Going Hungry" Shrestha Says:

    hahaha…. what an inquisitive mind you have oh quirky blond one! I wish I had the answers, but I don’t heh… oh wait… honey is bee-poop… i think… i’m not sure… crap, now I hate honey…

  2. Lauren Says:


    1. I have realized that.
    2. I have no clue…
    3. I like Taco Bell
    4. My parents do that…hee hee 🙂
    5. I don’t know…but I know it is bee-spit…not poo. They put the pollen or whatever in their mouths, take it back to the hive and spit it out as a sweet nectar. Oh and one more fact…you know those big fat bumble bees? well, they are all female. And the males are the lazy ones who just sit in the hive and do nothing. Therefore, if there is a food shortage, the females will kick the male out first. Just thought I would add that. 🙂

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