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Some items that may or may not be of interest to you but that make me quite happy regardless July 8, 2008

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1. Yesterday I washed my hair with chocolate soymilk shampoo. Chocolate. Soymilk. Shampoo!!! Does it get any better than that?

2. I’m feeling very Caroline Ingalls-ish as I did some laundry by hand Saturday morning. Yay for saving energy!

3. Speaking of saving energy, whilst on my morning bike ride yesterday, I passed the cutest little old lady on a bike with the cutest little basket of groceries on the back. We nodded and exchanged smiles which said “Godspeed as you develop killer thigh muscles and save the planet from added toxic carbon emissions!”


2 Responses to “Some items that may or may not be of interest to you but that make me quite happy regardless”

  1. Mom Says:

    So glad that bike is coming in handy. I hope Millie isn’t pouting in the parking lot.

  2. zO0mz%m Says:

    hahaha! thats amazing! We run out of shampoo recently and I havent washed my hair with shampoo for two nights. dont smell my hair tomorrow. Or I should put chocolate and soymilk on my hair, right? and if I add egg in it, I’ll have beautiful hair, I guess.
    And you know what? you are real good girl. I was surprised to see how Japanese people are crazy in ecology and discussing about using less energy. What they talk is all about it now. when i was back there, I had no idea what’s going on out of my little society, but look at you! you have such globalized view!! Whoa!!

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