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If you are a cynic or a naysayer, don’t read this post June 25, 2008

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Well, world, Brooke and I have decided to open our own climbing gym. We decided this yesterday, and immediately set to work scheming about ways to get the money. So far, this is what we’ve come up with:

Plan A:

Step 1. Enter a creative, ingenious, heartwarming video (complete with goofy costumes) into the “What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar?” commercial*.

Step 2. Win $100,000

Plan B:

Step 1. Ask Brooke’s semi-wealthyish grandmother for the money to fulfill our dreams.

Step 2.  Wait for her reply with our fingers and toes crossed.

Opening our own climbing gym might seem like a bit of a rash decision seeing as how A. We are young and naive and have no experience running a business and B. I’ve only been climbing once. ‘Twas just last Tuesday, in fact; and I only made it to the top of the easiest course one time and even then I had to cheat a little bit…

But we like to dream big. And we will not be stopped by cynics and naysayers. And if any of you know of a place that sells modular handholds for not too expensivish, let me know.

*We’ve watched said commercial about 137 times while watching the entire season 4 of The Office online yesterday and today. (And all I have to say is this: Ryan, tsk tsk tsk…)


3 Responses to “If you are a cynic or a naysayer, don’t read this post”

  1. brooke Says:

    Anna, our dream will come true I delcare! I declared it as Michael did, and therefore it must happen (rememeber the episode where he delcares bankruptcy?) Just give us a year, and watch out Cleveland there will be a bouldering gym in town with a cool name of which we have yet to think of yet!

  2. annatothemax Says:

    Yay for CKAG! But yeah, we’ll have to think of a different name, definitely. Maybe that can just be the secret nickname…

  3. Shashank Shrestha (woah no middle names) Says:

    it is… despite its grandiose nature… important to have a dream that is semi-graspable in real life… I do feel moved to a certain degree to encourage both of you in this endeavor.

    and yeah CKAG truly get my stamp of approval…

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