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A to the M goes high-tech… June 23, 2008

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…Well, sort of. This is really rather embarrassing. I definitely need to make an appointment with Bloggy Mommy asap so I can learn how to make the pictures normal size…and, you know, not horizontal when they’re supposed to be vertical…

The story behind the pictures: You see, my roommate Rachael is lactose intolerant. But she dearly loves cheese and other dairy products, even though it’s no fun being around her once she’s consumed them. Brookie and I have tried to break her of this habit for ever so long but just hadn’t had much of a breakthrough…

Until a month or two ago I went to Walmart, bought a pack of flyswatters (2 for $0.92), and implemented what we call the “Rachie swatter.” See picture #1 below.



You probably can’t read the writing, but it says “Swat Rachel with this when she says ‘piss’ or eats dairy.” (I’m also trying to crack down on her sometimes crude language. Like Barney Fife always said, you’ve got to nip it, nip it in the bud!) The Rachie swatter worked well enough at first, but then the newness wore off and she returned to her old ways. But just last week Brookie found this beast, which I’ve christened “the Rachie Swatter 5000”:

Oh, yes. The Rachie swatter got quite an upgrade. How’s it working, you ask? I’ll let pictures 3 and 4 answer that question:




5 Responses to “A to the M goes high-tech…”

  1. bodyodor Says:

    Anna, you are so amazing. yay for rachie swatters!

  2. Karen Says:

    I think the sideways picture add a certain quirky charm…. I’m just sayin….

  3. Shashank "speechless" shrestha Says:

    I shudder… with delight xD

    who say bigger ain’t better…

  4. Shashank "speechless" shrestha Says:

    OH and yay for high tech illustrated posts~~~!!!

  5. […] Uncategorized — annatothemax @ 8:42 pm …I would have gone after you with the original Rachie Swatter. Before your untimely, squishy death, however, this is what you’d be […]

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