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I guess I won’t be bringing THEM a basket of cookies as a housewarming gift… June 22, 2008

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I’d been wanting to meet the new neighbors who just moved into my apartment building. I just wish the circumstances had been more normal. It probably would have helped if the neighbors had actually been, you know, sober?

Last night, I heard the voices of some rowdy hooligans in the parking lot outside my window. Moments later, some girls (who were already rather wasted) peeped into our living room window and invited us over for some tequila. How very thoughtful of them. Our response? “Foo’! You just interrupted our Office marathon!Vamoose!”

Really, can’t they tell by the fact that we leave the house in broad daylight dressed like ninja turtles and deranged pirates that we’re not the type you want to invite to a drinking party? Now if they’d had chocolate soymilk, things might be different. That stuff’s off the chain.


3 Responses to “I guess I won’t be bringing THEM a basket of cookies as a housewarming gift…”

  1. Tink Says:

    hehe- Oh Anna, you make me laugh 🙂

  2. The Gaurav Says:

    Two grls who fit ur description offered me a tequila too…must b your neighbors!!

    Last night as i was running my regular 3k circuit I suddenly had company (for 2 seconds) and they asked if I was runnin frm the cops. “Why are you running so hard, COME DRINK WITH US…would u like a tequila?” (Don’t ask about my response 🙂

  3. Shashank "my liver is damaged from jaundice" shrestha Says:

    such interesting neighbors you have… the only thing my mexican neighbors have offered me is an apology cuz his children make a lot of noise… ah well, I repaid him with “t’is ok fellow international immigrant, we accept your apology! do not anger yourself when we turn up the volume with our amazingly foot thumping indian music…”

    needless to say, he had long driven past me when I finished my amazing speech… tsk…

    oh, and i’d keep my doors locked if i were ya…

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