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FPF, week 3 June 20, 2008

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Good evening. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the time thingy on this blog is messed up. It is 6:24 pm as I post this. Just another hiccup I will need to consult Bloggy Mommy about.

But you’re not here to discuss hiccups; you’re here for another dose of Foreign Phrase Friday. And that, my friends, is exactly what I am about to give you.

Today’s random phrase:

“Don’t watch ‘The Science of Sleep.’ It will only leave you irked and very, very confused.”

Today’s random phrase in Estonian:

Ära tunnid ‘A Teaduo Odr Uni.’ Id tahe ainult vebadus paan läbikukkunud a väga, väga hämmingus.”

I chose this phrase simply because I tried to watch said film a few nights ago and was sorely disappointed. I’m a pretty random person myself; I enjoy a little MST3K and some Monty Python here and there, but “The Science of Sleep”? Yikes. My dreams are weird enough as it is, thank you. I just wanted to warn all my homies in Estonia to rent something worth your time. (I highly recommend “The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin.” It was a childhood favorite of mine which I recently borrowed from the library. I’ve always wondered what those little round yellow things are they eat on the ship after they get kidnapped by the Russians…) 

*Disclaimer: If you happen to have seen “The Science of Sleep” and enjoyed it, good for you.  But really, what was with the ginormous hands? And that horse? And the creepy guy at the club? And why didn’t he want the girls to know he was their neighbor? As you can see, I’m still fairly hämmingus and a wee bit läbikukkunud.


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