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Is it sad that people I work with remind me of characters from “The Office”? June 17, 2008

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So far, we have a Kevin. He’s actually one of my favorite characters from the show and happens to be my favorite person to work with. Real-life Kevin is a drummer in his own band, is very much in touch with his inner child, is of similar build as the original Kevin, and has the same laugh. And much like original Kevin, he cracks me up rather frequently.

We also have an Angela. I’m not going to give any more details on that…

And we have a Darrell; you know, the guy who works downstairs in the warehouse with Roy?

But who am I? Glad you asked. I’m Pam. My first week at work one of my supervisors told me I reminded her of Pam from “The Office”, and it’s been my nickname ever since. I consider it quite a compliment, except for the whole being engaged to a total jerk for three years…

I have not yet identified a Michael or a Dwight, which is probably a very good thing. And thank God there is no Andy. However, we are lacking a Jim, which is definitely a problem. But I do have a mug with Jim’s face on it which I drink my tea out of each morning. I’ll take what I can get.


3 Responses to “Is it sad that people I work with remind me of characters from “The Office”?”

  1. shashank "the one who watches cartoons" shrestha Says:

    you know, this post tends to show that you- Anna to the Max- are also taking Couch-Potato-ism to the max too…

    and regarding the post, it is perfectly normal to attempt to relate normal life with fiction/sitcom that we are fond of… might be our attempt to assure us that our life too is as funny as the life of those we see in the TV…

    then again, I only watch cartoon, what do i know…

  2. The Gaurav Says:

    Hey Pam, meet the real Pam – Tink, not that I know her all that well, but it is her face.
    Too many Pam’s around. But hey, don’t we have an excess supply of “offices”? so it is fair and no it is not sad.
    (Sorry for your tarnished Pam-ness. First of, you should not take it that way, but even if your quirkiness gets the better of you, I’m sure you are no less Pam in your office!) Good luck discovering rest of the crew.

  3. Karen Says:

    I work with the characters from “Office Space”, so I can totally sympathize. I am the “Looks like someone’s got a case on the Mondays” chick. Unfortunately.

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