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FPF, Week 2 June 14, 2008

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If you need an explanation of what Foreign Phrase Friday is, go back and read the post from June 6. Otherwise it may not make a whole lot of sense. Not that it’s going to make any sense anyway. Ok, here’s this week’s random phrase in English:

“Wow, that’s a really sweet iron man tattoo you have there on your forehead.”

And here’s this week’s random phrase in Hungarian:

“Vonít , amit van egy igazán édes vas ember tetovál önnek van ott -ra homlokotok.”

Today’s post was inspired by Izumi, my beloved roommate who left me a few days ago for an overseas excursion. I miss her terribly. She once put a temporary iron man tattoo smack dab it the middle of her forehead and kept it there until it wore off. She was a bit annoyed, however, at the lack of attention she received from the general public as most people didn’t even give her a second glance. Ever craving the spotlight, she turned to more extreme attempts to get others’ attention, like walking into class with pants on her head, but that’s another story….

So if you ever find yourself face to face with an attention-seeking Hungarian, you know exactly what to do.



2 Responses to “FPF, Week 2”

  1. D G Says:

    Can we make a request for a particular “random” language sometime?

  2. annatothemax Says:

    Absolutely…I’ll do my best. Granted, all I do is us an online english-to-whatever the random language is dictionary, so accuracy is not guaranteed.

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