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We’re trying to be healthy, here June 10, 2008

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My roommate and I are on a health kick of sorts. We’ve been getting up early to go to the campus gym and use the weight room, ghetto as it is.   

Last week we went to check out a shiny new gym with a protein shake bar and snazzy t-shirts but the people there were money grubbing weasels who insulted me and laughed at my lack of discipline. We narrowly escaped with our lives. It’s a long story.

Anyway, after the weight room we hit the cardio room. Honestly, I loathe the cardio room. I loathe the treadmills. I loathe the cycling machines. I loathe the stair steppy machines. I loathe those whateverthey’recalleds where you put your feet on the little feety things and slide up and down on the little tracky things.

But I do it in the name of being healthy. Brookie and I have also decided to become 6/7 vegetarians. That is, we only eat meat on Meaty Monday in order to save money and, of course, be more healthy. However, we are not perfect and we do make mistakes. Take for example this recent confession session which took place on a day that was not Meaty Monday (or Tofu Tuesday). Just kidding there is no Tofu Tuesday. Not yet, anyway…

Me: Brooke, I need to tell you something.

Brooke: Yes?

Me: I had a hot pocket today…and it was a ham and cheese. I’msooosorryIpromiseitwasamistakeandI’llneverdoitagainpleasepleasepleasesearchdeepwithinyourheartand


Brooke: Oh, that’s ok…I went out for hotwings last night with Rachael.

What’s a little setback or two.

(Sidenote: I contemplated renaming this post “I Be Up in the Gym Just Workin on My Fitness.” Yup. Thank you, Fergie.)


2 Responses to “We’re trying to be healthy, here”

  1. I just want to say that I sing that Fergie line all the time when I’m working out… kind of sad, but true. 🙂

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