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My second post in one day. Woot. June 9, 2008

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A quirky old man approached the service desk yesterday. He showed me his spiffy new shoes and handed me his card. It read ‘Dr. Charles M. Bucket*.’ Here is a word-for-word** excerpt from our rather lengthy conversation:

Dr. Charles M. Bucket: I’m a World War II veteran.

Me: Cool!***

Dr. Charles M. Bucket: If it wasn’t for people like me, you wouldn’t be here.

Me: True. I probably wouldn’t.

Dr. Charles M. Bucket: You’d be living in a concentration camp being tortured by Nazis.

Me: um, thank you?


*Name has been changed. Because that just seems like the thing to do these days.

**Well, almost.

***I love doing these little footnote thingies. They make everything look so important.


4 Responses to “My second post in one day. Woot.”

  1. woah… interesting people you work with…

  2. Woah interesting people you work with O__O!! I’d be responding with “Hi, I’m an international, I am hear to steal your jobs” but then again, I am not legally entitled to work where you do xD

  3. FINALLY! You are embracing the post often thing!

  4. David Says:

    First you starve us with no feed for two WHOLE days (while u are partying and lost in b’day frenzy) and u return to overfeed us with two posts in a day!!
    I’m a health concious person, and on God’s green earth one can surely find healthier things to do.
    Good luck to you though.

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