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“What would you do if you were to die in 12 minutes?” June 4, 2008

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I posed this question to the random assortment of people gathered in my living room this afternoon, as a bubble kept popping up on Jorge’s screen warning me that he had only 12 minutes left to live, poor feller. Their answers?
G: “I would get married.”
B: “Make a list of all my things and who I would leave them to. Then I would gather up my stuff and go outside to give it to poor people.”
R: “I would drive to Walmart and smash my car into the side of the building, jump out and yell ‘Darn you Capitalist Corporation Pigs!’ Then I would turn over the cash registers and dump the money on the ground for the poor rednecks to spend at their discretion.”
A: “I would put on a beautiful dress, lie down on the couch, arrange my hair, and practice looking peaceful.” (G: “And shave your legs?”) “Yes, and shave my legs.”
I: “I’d spend 3 minutes freaking out, 2 minutes calling people and telling them to come, 1 minute looking for a pen and paper, and 6 minutes writing letters of confession. And get naked but paint my body with body paint to look like I’m wearing clothes.”
I guess it’s clear what really matters to us.
So what would you do?

3 Responses to ““What would you do if you were to die in 12 minutes?””

  1. D Gordon Says:

    That’d be enough time to read Anna’s blog for the last time – take one final bite at some innocent cheese!!

  2. Gaurav Says:

    I’d probably freak-out n die before my minutes tick by.

    ps. The performance of your computer relates to its supply of power, so an uninterrupted flow of electrons means good battery life n an ideal computer (one that is quick, n doesn’t nap every other minute). I’d recommend u to not risk Jorge’s existence very often.

  3. mindfart-man Says:

    I’d take my iPod, play “Smile” and “alive” by pearl jam on full volume. sit on a rocking chair and slowly sip on coffee waiting for my impending doom…

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