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My momma taught me to be a lady May 30, 2008

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Well, kind friends and complete strangers,

keep me in your prayers.

You see, today, instead of cashiering, which is super fun, I’ll be working at the service desk, which is super not-fun. The service desk is where impatient customers come to return their items and chew people out.


But I have a plan. Ever read “The Berenstein Bears and Too Much Manners”? Well, in it Mama Bear makes a list of rules to promote good manners around the house. Brother and Sister Bear then try to annoy her and show her the flaw in her plan by being painfully, overly polite.

And that is my plan. Take a look at this scenario*.


Raging Customer: I’m returning this piece of crap.

Me: I’m so sorry, Ma’am, but according to our store policy we can’t accept returns without a receipt.

Raging Customer: Well this store sucks and I’m never coming back, except for tonight when I smash all the windows with rocks!!

Me: I understand your frustration, Ma’am. Have a glorious day! Oh, and I love your sweater!


*Note: this never actually happened. 


7 Responses to “My momma taught me to be a lady”

  1. David Gordon Says:

    Hats off to the The Berenstein Bears.

  2. Miss Magen Says:

    Anna, This Is Absolutely Fantastic Stuff.

  3. mindfart-man Says:

    I knew you were devious Anna Harris… hehehehehe

    But i do have reasonable doubts to believe your *fictional* scenario actually happened… heh..

  4. Brooke Says:

    anna you are amazing. im so glad to know you and not think you are absolutely crazy..hehe

  5. Dad Says:

    You didn’t learn customer service from me, did you? Remind me to tell you of a postal customer who had a temper tantrum this week over one piece of mail he didn’t want. My communication with him was full of sweetness and light….for the most part.

  6. […] you go calling me names that rhyme with “Groodge,” go back and take another look at this post, or perhaps this one, or this. Remember where I work? […]

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